Set of 2 First Baby Brushes


Set of 2 First Baby Brushes is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Must - have set of first two hair brushes for your baby: 

Cradle cap brush

  • Natural cradle cap brush from Lullalove perfectly combs and massage the scalp, helping gently remove cradle cap flakes.  The brush has been carefully designed with baby's delicate scalp in mind. It's made of natural bristles and beechwood  

Soft brush

  • Gentle and natural infant hairbrush from Lullalove will be an ideal choice for the daily care of babies sensitive hair and scalp. The brush is made of goat bristles and beechwood handle. The very soft bristle will get your babies hair under control without causing hair breakage or skin irritation.  

Fit and Features

soft brush: 100% goat hair

cradle cap brush: 100% natural bristles

handles natural beech wood

*Do not soak in water.