About Us

Welcome to Babyllama! 
I’m Weronika, a mum and the owner of this family business. 
I have always been excited about the idea of opening my own business, I had many ideas over the years but never had the courage to make them happen. A new idea came to my mind when I discovered I am going to be a parent. While shopping for my baby’s essentials I have not been able to find a place where I could get everything I needed at an affordable price. 
I always admired handmade and distinctive products made with love. I was looking for products of the best quality, safe for my baby yet with a distinctive look. Going offline and online to acquire all the products is always time-consuming, not to mention some products come from abroad making it more expensive. That experience pushed me to open a place that has it all.
Here we carefully select all items and use the same products for our babies meaning we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t want to use. Most products come from foreign small family businesses and creative individuals selling their handmade items. These are some of the highest quality products on the market, and many of them are imported, so you can’t really find them anywhere else. We want you to shop with people who care about you and your baby more than sales. By shopping with us you support those companies instead of the mass-producing corporations. 
The main focus is the safety, wellbeing of your child and accessibility but… We want You to enter parenthood with style! Ditch the boring generic, cliché designs for something that will make you enjoy your parenting journey much more.