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A soft, fabric Termofoxi hot water bottle with Mom's care ecological insert is a must for all Mums. Your child will love its looks, you will love its functionality. Its soft material will make it your child’s cuddly friend. Termofoxi is perfect in case of fever, colic, and bruises.

This pit hot pack is safe and easy to use. Simply put it into a microwave set at 150W and heat the pits for one minute. A hot pack prepared this way will warm your child up for a long time. In order to use Termofoxi as a compress, you just need to put it in a bag and place into a freezer for 30 minutes. Such a compress can lower one’s temperature by even 1.5°C. The compress should be placed on your child’s wrists or back of the neck.

Warmer Termofoxi will help you in cases of:

  • baby colic
  • sore throat and fever
  • bruises and injuries
  • warming-up massages
  • sprains

Fit and Features

  • Size: 19x33 cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Target age group: 0+
  • An ecological insert: cherry pits keep warmth, but they can also serve as a cold compress
  • It eases pain: perfect for baby’s colic, bruises, injuries
  • A modern design: contrast colours for the development of your child’s vision

About the brand

Mom's Care has been on the market for the past 36 years producing sensory toys for children. They're focused on encouraging children's development by using high contrast colours and bold graphics in their products. The company is based in Poland and uses high-quality materials and the products meet European certification standards.

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