Sensory Rustuling Cat


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This crinkle toy is filled with a crinkly foil, whose gentle sound attracts the attention of the youngest ones, providing them with auditory stimuli. Its gentle crinkle sound soothes the baby, as it can be associated with the sounds heard by a baby in mummy’s belly. A cat’s tail and a soft head sticking up and colourful tags encourage children to grab, supporting their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. This soft toy is light and easy to hold, so it can be close to your baby from birth, both in the crib and during a walk.

Crispy Cat will help you to:

  • stimulate vision with contrast
  • develop the sense of hearing with a gently crinkling foil
  • develop fine motor skills
  • practice eye-hand coordination

Fit and Features

  • Size: 18x23 cm
  • Material: Cotton, Minky
  • Target age group: 0+

About the brand

Mom's Care has been on the market for the past 36 years producing sensory toys for children. They're focused on encouraging children's development by using high contrast colours and bold graphics in their products. The company is based in Poland and uses high-quality materials and the products meet European certification standards.

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