Mrs. Bunny - Black & White Sensory Toy


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Meet Mrs Bunny - the sensory, contrast toy from Mom's Care. 

It is made of various soft fabrics that differ in structure to engage your child while being safe for them. It is filled with rustling foil that when played with makes a soft sound that will catch the little one's attention as it is most similar to the sounds they used to hear in their mum's belly. 

The arms, legs and tags encourage your baby to grasp them and improve their small motor skills. All these features will provide your baby with many hours of playtime and due to its lightweight and easy grasping, it can accompany your child from the very first moments of life. The body of Rustly is made of children's favourite material - Minky, making it super cosy to cuddle with! Whether it's in their crib or in the pram during a walk it will be a great company. 

The high contrast colours have been proved to be the most engaging in the early stages of life as infants develop their vision. Contrasting colours are one of the first colours an infant can see up to 5 months of life. They later develop a vision for other colours and shades. 

Fit and Features 

Size: 18 x 26 cm 

Material: Terry cotton, cotton, Minky

Suitable from birth 

About the brand

Mom's Care has been on the market for the past 36 years producing sensory toys for children. They're focused on encouraging children's development by using high contrast colours and bold graphics in their products. The company is based in Poland and uses high-quality materials and the products meet European certification standards.