Metoo - Panda Doll

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Metoo lovely plush doll, made from a delicate plush, with exceptional quality details. These stylish dolls can be a perfect present for any child and even new-born. It has a pendant on top of its head, so it's easy to catch or hang it on the wall near the bed. This doll is absolutely perfect as the first cuddly bed for babies, fantastic to play for an older child and as a travel companion.

Fit and features

Size: 0+ year

50cm plus ears

Fabric: Polyesters Plush

Filling: 100% PP Cottom

The recommended method of cleaning is by hand-wash but it can also be machine washed at max 30 degrees and gentle care settings.

 The dolls are original and have the CE symbol, which means that the product complies with the basic requirements of health, safety and environment.

Made in China

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