Doudou Effiki Comforter - Pink



Doudou Effiki Comforter PINK - first soft toy for your newborn to hug and love.

The comforter is essential in your baby's first months of life and later on, they won't let it go! Doudou will help your baby calm and feel safe in stressful moments like entering a new environment. When holding your baby, hold it close to your skin. Doudou Effiki over time will adapt your smell and become the baby’s beloved bedtime friend and the best comforter. A layette must-have is also a great gift for any mum. The size is just right for your little one to hold easily and for you to fit it in your bag on days out.

Fit and features

Size: 30cm

Fabric:  80% cotton 20% polyesters  

Filling: polyester

Can be hand-washed

It has an international safety certificate CE- safe even for infants.

All products should be used under the supervision of adults.

Made in Poland

About the brand

A Polish label offering a range of children's textile products that are beautiful, smart and made to last! In a world where children are overwhelmed with stimuli, Effiki promotes mainly pastel and balanced designs.

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