Lavender Sleepyhead Effik - Blue


Sleeping alone can be scary, make the nighttime easier with a little sleepy friend. It will not only be there to keep you company but it comes with a little surprise inside. Each of our Lavender Sleepyhead bunnies has a velcro closure pocket on his belly and a tiny velvet heart filled with a lavender fragrance. Lavender is a calming fragrance that is used to quell anxiety and help the body relax. It can be taken out and thanks to ribbons hung on a cot or a pram while strolling outside. The smell of lavender also repels mosquitos.

It can be also replaced when the fragrance becomes less intense.

The soft toy is packed in a decorative cardboard box, making it a great idea for a gift.

Fit and features

Size: Height from head to tail - 24cm

Can be hand-washed after removing the lavender heart

Made in Poland

About the brand

A Polish label offering a range of children's textile products that are beautiful, smart and made to last! In a world where children are overwhelmed with stimuli, Effiki promotes mainly pastel and balanced designs.