Contrast Book with Mirror



The contrast book with mirror from Mom's Care book is a sensory toy encouraging development in the early stages of life. The book is designed in high contrasting colours which help little ones to differentiate shapes and patterns stimulating their visual development.

Crinkle sounds made when the toy is pressed will entertain your baby for months to come and will also help them become aware of what their hands are doing. Sounds help hand-eye coordination development.

In the book, you will also find an unbreakable mirror and a range of different textures, from smooth sections to noisy crinkly areas. These will all help your baby to explore and discover even more about the world. 

Fit and Features 

Size: 84cm x 20cm 

10 pages

Suitable from birth

About the brand

Mom's Care has been on the market for the past 36 years producing sensory toys for children. They're focused on encouraging children's development by using high contrast colours and bold graphics in their products. The company is based in Poland and uses high-quality materials and the products meet European certification standards.

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