A classic round pacifier in a timeless design. Designed and made in Denmark.

BIBS COLOUR has been on the market for over 30 years – and with great success! It is the favourite pacifier for many children. The shape of both shield and nipple is like a mother’s breast, and will, therefore, better support the natural breastfeeding for the child.

Available in 3 different sizes

The nipple is equipped with a vent hole, letting out the air to make the teat shape naturally like the breast. The nipple is made of 100% natural rubber latex – which is soft and flexible. The rubber is a natural material – colour variations may occur. The shield is convex which allows airflow to ventilate the delicate skin. The shield is made of polypropylene (PP), a very light plastic material with high strength and is extremely wear-resisting.  

The pacifier is available in a beautiful colour palette with more than 30 different colours. Everything from retro colours such as chocolate, apricot and rust to neutral colours like cloud, ivory and iron. They also come in classic colours such as blush and baby blue.