The Best High-Contrast Toys for Babies

The Best High-Contrast Toys for Babies

The Best High-Contrast Toys for Babies

Did you know a newborn baby can’t see a full range of colours until they are around four months old? Not too surprising, since up until they were born they spent all their time in a dark, muted environment. Infants see only in black, white, and shades of grey. Their depth of vision also isn’t very great - they can see objects up to about 20-40cm away. However, newborns are still able to recognize and interpret simple images.

Newborn babies can’t really do a whole lot when it comes to what we think of as traditional play. But don’t be fooled by their lack of motor skills - babies are learning constantly. That’s why high-contract black and white toys are so important for newborn sensory play. The high-contrast colours help to stimulate baby’s optic nerves and develop cognitive skills. Below are a few of our favourite high-contrast toys for newborns:



 A black and white playmat is a great way to expose your baby to a fun learning opportunity that won’t be too advanced for them. The patterns will stand out in their blurry world, and they’ll be practising their tummy-time skills, too. In fact, if your baby hates tummy-time, keeping your baby visually stimulated while they practice laying on their belly can help keep their tears at bay. Engaging with high- contrast playmat will also teach the muscles of the eyes and brain to work together, an important developmental milestone.






 Babyllama has many fantastic options for black and white high-contrast toys for babies. Many of the toys, such as the Rustly With Star, also have the benefit of having different textures or making noises. Highly contrasting toys and objects will attract a baby’s attention while also helping them to relax since their brains won’t be working overtime to differentiate many different colours or shapes they cannot yet comprehend. It is, however, still important to observe your baby see how they are reacting. If they seem restless or are continually turning their head away from the toy, it may be time to put the toys away for a while. The world can very easily be an over-stimulating place for a newborn.







 Toys with mirrors, like the Sensory Contrast Book, are great for infants, as they are just learning how to identify facial features. Their own faces can provide lots of entertainment, making mirrors another tool you can utilize to extend tummy-time. As your baby grows out of the newborn stage and is a few weeks old, they will begin to get the ability to follow movement with their eyes. Slowly moving a high-contrast coloured toy in front of your baby and letting them follow the motion with their eyes is a great way to help develop this skill.




 Babyllama also has high-contrast toys that can be attached to prams or car seats to keep your baby stimulated and learning even when on the go. These are a great choice for infants who are fussy in the car or pram, as they will provide a calming distraction.