7 Must-Have Products for Autumn/Winter Babies and Mummies

7 Must-Have Products for Autumn/Winter Babies and Mummies

7 Must-Have Products for Autumn/Winter Babies and Mummies



7 Must-Have Products for Autumn/Winter Babies and Mummies


When the leaves start to turn, it is time to cosy up and get ready for the colder months ahead. New mummies are so focused caring for their sweet bundles of baby joy, but they should not forget to take care of themselves.


Taking care of yourself means you will be a happier, healthier mummy in the long run. Here are 7 must-have products that will help you take care of you as well as baby too!

 1. Car seat blanket

 When taking the car, take along one of Babyllama’s best-selling car seat blankets.

Made from cotton and velvet plus anti-allergen fabric, it keeps your baby warm and comfortable. Once you arrive, it is easy to scoop up that sleeping little wonder and carry them into the warmth of the indoors without waking them from that nap!


2. Pram footmuff

Something super cosy like this Babyllama pram footmuff for your baby will keep her snuggly and warm all throughout the colder months. Plus, it is just adorable! The zippers on either side make it so easy to wrap baby with warmth and love.

 Soon available! 

3. Baby-wearing hoodie

Something for you that’s soft and cosy too! A baby-wearing hoodie makes it easy to stay warm AND wear your baby. Perfect for those times when it’s just not convenient to take the stroller along!


Seraphin, 3 in 1 Maternity Hoodie

4. Humidifier

Both mummy and baby need more humidity. While it’s so nice to come in from the cold, that blustery winter weather and the dry heat in your home can leave skin feeling parched. With a humidifier, it adds moisture back into the air to keep skin (and noses too) from feeling dried out.


5. Winter face cream

For you, you’ll want to step up your skincare regimen. The lotions you use in the warmer months are no match for this colder weather. Find a formula that targets your specific skin type (oily, dry, combination, normal, or sensitive) and make sure it’s a creamier version of what you would normally choose. This will help lock the nutrients from your serums deep down while protecting your skin barrier.

 Sophie La Giraffe, protection cream 

 Mustela, cold cream

   6. Booties

Babies don’t need hard-soled shoes. But in winter, good booties are essential. Make sure you find a pair that will stay put too. Nothing is worse than realising baby has kicked it off somewhere and now has a foot exposed to the elements!

  UGG, booties

John Lewis, baby knit booties 

7. Thermo bunny comforter

A heating and cooling Bunny that is going to become your favourite cuddle toy. 

Fun, cuddly and most importantly: coming to the aid of those in need! Made of ultra-soft Velvet, the Thermo Bunny is the true Lord of Hugs that inhabits a stylish box. Whenever your child is cold the Bunny is eager to help - just put the pink hot-pack into its tummy - it will make the toy the greatest, extra warm hot water bottle (54 degrees C) that was created to aid:

- aches and all other tummy problems

- colic pains

- being cold, as it will gently warm your baby in cold weather and during long walks


Before the weather gets too cold to handle, make sure you grab these things for you and your baby to have a wonderland of a winter!